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Our aim is to obtain naturally the highest quality grapes, respecting the environment and maintaining the fertility of the soil. For this reason, we use the natural resources in an environmentally responsible way, excluding the use of synthetic chemical products and promoting a sustainable agricultural development.

The techniques in the integrated production are:
  • Selecting clones, varieties and rootstocks more sesistant to certain plagues and diseases.
  • Using naturally occurring organic fertilizers from extensive animal husbandry.
  • Managing spontaneous vegetation and host plant through mechanical means (hoeing).
  • Rational and complementary use of biological methods (such as pheromone traps), together with chemical treatments authorised for organic farming in order to fight against plagues.


Ctra. Madrid – Valencia, Km. 220
16251 Graja de Iniesta
Cuenca (Spain)

+34 962 13 91 34
+ 34 689 182 484



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